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Wednesday August 28, 2013

Early Bird Camping begins AFTER 10AM
Potluck Picking Party at the campfire 6 PM

Thursday August 29, 2013 Weekend Camping Begins after 3 PM
Open Stage in the concert area at 6 PM - ?

Friday August 30, 2013 Festival Show & Workshops  10 AM - 8 PM
6 Music Workshops  11:30 AM - 5:30 PM
$7 Spaghetti Dinner at Cookshack 6 PM

Saturday August 31, 2013 Festival Show & Workshops  10 AM - 8 PM
6 Music Workshops  11:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Sunday September 1, 2013

Festival Show & Workshops  10 AM - 2 PM
4 Music Workshops  11:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Monday September 2, 2013 Weekend Campers exit festival by 4 PM

Early Bird Camping & Field Picking begins AFTER 10AM
on Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

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Early Bird Camping Pet Policy
Advance Tickets

YouTube  Watch Videos of our past shows


Event Grounds

A low-angle view of the North Branch festival grounds.  Stage is at far end of the field.


For a 2013 printable festival flyer, click here!

Help us spread word of our festival by printing out a few extra flyers for your family, friends, and neighborhood bulletin boards.  Thanks very much.



Early Bird Camping and Field Picking

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invest in Cosmos North Branch Bluegrass Festival will be opening the gate early to campers and field pickers!
Beginning AFTER 10 AM on WEDNESDAY August 28, 2013, we'll open up for an extra nights for a $10 per person upcharge to the price of your weekend ticket.  Bring your well-behaved friends and field-pick to your heart's delight. All weekend festival admission fees are due in full upon arrival.


Want Advance Tickets?

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Advance weekend tickets are available by mail for $45 each.   Please send a self-addressed stamped envelope and check or money order made payable to "Heather Kennedy" and send to: R & H Kennedy, North Branch Bluegrass Festival, 74 Chateauguay Road, Bridgewater Corners, VT 05035.   If no SASE is enclosed, tickets will be held for you at the gate.   Requests must be postmarked by July 10, 2013.   Advance tickets are not refundable.   Your weekend ticket begins after 3 PM on Thursday.   Thursday night campers are asked to please stay out of the concert area until after 5 PM while we finish setting up the 6 PM OPEN STAGE.


2013 LineUp*

Festival Master of Ceremonies:  Donnie "The Story Man" Sprague

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"We're pleased to introduce you to our 2013 Festival Line-Up.  It's chuckerblock full of gifted musicians, all promising to deliver you a great bluegrass show and teach you a musical thing or two to boot. You'll notice that many of our bands will be attending our whole festival which is sure to result in some flaming hot field picking sessions out in the camping area. We've also increased the number of complimentary music workshops they'll be hosting to a total of 16 throughout the weekend. We encourage you to make plans for your own field-picker's musical holiday here with us at North Branch. We proudly present for your listening and learning pleasure..."

Appalachian Uprising  (NJ)

Chasing Blue

Chasing Blue Band  (MA)

After The Rodeo  (VT)
Four Bridges  (MA) 

Mark Kilianski & The Moonshine Ramblers (NJ/MA)
Mississiquoi River  (VT) 
LuLu & The Shoemakers (RI/MA)  Sat/Sun
Carol Hausner & The Green Mountain Ramblers
* lineup info may be subject to updates and changes

Sound Mix by  Mount Hollywood Studio

Open Stage     

6 pm Thursday August 29th

For a festival schedule, click here


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Free rough camping included with a 3 day Weekend pass.  RV's, campers, and tent camping welcome.
See our Pet Policy below. 


Camping Rules: 

1)  Camping on festival grounds is limited to those 18 years or over or else you must be accompanied by a parent or grandparent who can be legally responsible for you.  At registration, liability waivers will need to be signed by ALL campers staying overnight at the festival. 

2)  Pack it in...Pack it out.  Please leave the field as beautiful as you found it.

3)  We currently have happy neighbors.  We wish to be respectful of EVERYONE's right to a good night's sleep.  You may play music all night long but a lower volume is appreciated.

 4)  Our existing "No Nonsense or Rude Behavior" policy, "No Visible Alcohol" policy, and all other festival rules must be obeyed at all times.  We want everyone to have a safe and happy weekend.

5)  No Open Fires - All fires must be contained in a firepit that will not damage or scorch the field.  You must have a container of water nearby your firepit at all times in case of gusty winds.  Please do not leave your fire unattended.  No digging or rock fireplaces - Firepits Only.

6)  Generators quiet 10 pm - 8 am.

7)  Obnoxious persistent use of generators is not allowed at our festival.

Other Camping Information

Access:  The festival grounds is a huge open field that is essentially flat with a few rolling undulations.  The soil is well-drained.  We have safely accommodated campers and Motorhomes of all sizes on the field.  If you have a really large vehicle, you may find the sharp left turn down the festival grounds at the end of the oak chapel bridge a bit challenging.  If you stay on the tar road and drive up to the next bend, on the right is Martin Excavating's shop.  It has a large parking lot which we are allowed to use as a turnaround.  Please be courteous when using.

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES  head up the dirt road  (Braley Road) at the end of the oak chapel bridge...THERE IS NO TURNAROUND up the hill.

Dumping Station:  Looking for a dumping station for your camper?  We don't have one of our own but there's a nearby State Park in every direction from here that does. They charge $10 to dump and will be expecting you.  Most are available to you from 9 am 'til 9 pm.

Water:  There is a limited supply of non-drinking water.  You will need to fill your camper tanks before you come.  We'll have a small pump and a bucket you can borrow for refilling.  Half-litre bottled spring water for drinking is available when the food concession is open.

Saved spots:  Sorry, there are no saved spots at North Branch.  It's first come-first served.

Camper Parking Shape:  Campers must park in rows at our festival, we do not allow boxed in courtyards...we think they're unfriendly and unsafe in the event of a fire or medical emergency.  Campers are most welcome to face each other awning to awning.


North Branch Pet Policy
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buy ZEC With 25 acres available, we have the perfect grounds for dogs to play and enjoy the festival. Unfortunately, insurance restrictions, our own liabilities, and local regulations require that we must limit the activities of your best friend. so, here's what we've come up with....

Dogs will be allowed at the North Branch Bluegrass Festival only under the following conditions:

1) No "day dogs". You must be a weekend camper in order to bring your dog.

2) You must have proof of vaccination certificate with you. No dogs will be allowed in without actual paperwork.

3) You must sign a  waiver of liability form in order for us to allow you in.

4) All dogs must stay in the camping area. NO DOGS ALLOWED in concert area or parking areas.

5) You are required to clean up after your pet.

6) Dogs must stay on leashes (Town Leash Law).

7) Our "No Nonsense or Rude Behavior" policy applies to everyone...including your dog.  If your dog barks too much or bothers folks, we'll need to ask you to leave for the good of the festival.

16 Music Workshops!

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The North Branch Bluegrass festival is a field-picking musician's festival.  Our professional musicians will be hosting workshops each day throughout the weekend.  These are free and are open to everyone, regardless of skill level.  Festival goers are welcome to attend as many workshops as they like. 

Workshop Schedule 2013
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Friday 8/30/13
Saturday 8/31/13
Sunday 9/1/13
11:30 AM
Missisquoi River
Beginner's Bass
Moonshine Ramblers
Missisquoi River
12:30 PM
Crunchy Western Boys
Four Bridges
LuLu & The Shoemakers
1:30 PM
Moonshine Ramblers
After The Rodeo
Appalachian Uprising
2:30 PM
After The Rodeo
Chasing Blue
Vocal Harmony
Green Mtn Ramblers
Campfire Jam
3:30 PM
Chasing Blue
Appalachian Uprising
4:30 PM
Crunchy Western Boys
LuLu & The Shoemakers


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Weekend Passes* - Passes includes show, workshops, and free no frills camping for eligible campers on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Campers may stay until 2 pm on Monday.

                       *See Camping section for important eligibility requirements.


                  $50 Adult Weekend Pass
                 $20 Youth Weekend Pass Ages 5-15 yrs (With supervising adult)                                                Children under Age 5 Always FREE 

Day Tickets - Show & Workshops ONLY.  NO CAMPING with Day Tickets...NO Exceptions.
                                     Gate Opens Daily at 9 AM

Friday Day Tickets 10 AM - 8 PM $20 Adult, $5 Youth
Saturday Day Tickets 10 AM - 8 PM $20 Adult, $5 Youth
Sunday Day Tickets 10 AM - 3:30 PM $12 Adult, $5 Youth

Early Bird Camper Special - $10 per person
   Arrive early to the festival anytime AFTER 10 AM on Wednesday fro a $10 per person additional charge.  You must also purchase your Weekend Pass upon arrival.  No prepayment or saved spots.  Thursday night campers are asked to please stay out of the concert area until after 5 PM while we finish setting up for the 6 PM OPEN STAGE.  Early Birds wanting to be helpful may introduce themselves upon arrival and sign in anytime over at the ticket booth.  We'll put you to work from there if we need help with something.  Thanks in advance for offering.


Advance Tickets - $45 Donation For Weekend Pass Only  Must be postmarked by July 10th.  Please send SASE with payment made payable to "Heather Kennedy" to: R & H Kennedy, North Branch Bluegrass Festival, 74 Chateauguay Road, Bridgewater Corners, VT 05035

Please note:  Out-of-State Checks and Electronic Money are not accepted at our festival

Volunteering At North Branch

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A growing festival takes dedicated help...and lots of it.  'Team North Branch' is always on the lookout for new team members.  If you are an able-bodied helpful person who can follow directions, we'd love to meet you.  Please email Heather Kennedy at  It takes all year to prepare and several weeks to setup our mobil festival.  We are always on the lookout for extra hands during the summer months, especially at festival time.  Festival staff who work halftime during the whole festival earn free admission.



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North Branch Bluegrass Festival is seeking non-food vendors for 2012.  Our 3 day rate for a 10' x 10' pop-up tent with fabric walls is available to rent for a prepaid fee of $75.  Each vendor must also purchase an advance $45 weekend pass.  Interested parties can please contact by e-mail or phone for a vendor application.  Space is limited and acceptance is subject to our approval.

The North Branch Wishing Well

It's easy to believe in big dreams but much more difficult to privately finance them if you're regular working-class people like us.  We've spent our life savings trying to bring this festival home to our Bridgewater.  We hope that a positive annual event like this will help energize our local sense of community and sustain us through difficult times.  If you wish to support our efforts, we welcome your donation or business sponsorship.  Please call, write, or e-mail us.  This is a privately run and funded festival.  It's our personal attempt at fending for ourselves in our old age.  Please understand that donations to the festival are not considered to be tax deductible contributions, but business sponsorships may be.

If you wish to be recognized for your donation by becoming a business sponsor, advertising space is available on our Website, Festival Posters, and Event programs.  Stage display area for your business banner and Onstage mentions of your sponsorship are also available.  We have worked very hard to earn our new reputation as good promoters and plan to continue our course.  We'd be happy to answer any specific questions regarding potential monetary donations, equipment donations, business advertising sponsorships, volunteering, or any other offers of assistance to our festival.

Randy and Heather Kennedy
North Branch Bluegrass Festival
74 Chateauguay Road
Bridgewater Corners, VT 05035