Festival Rules

For the enjoyment of all...EVERYONE is expected to abide by the following:

  • No Nonsense or Rude Behavior (Children & Pets Included)
  • No Visible Alcohol (Please Be Discreet)
  • No Smoking or Loud Talking in Concert Area
  • No Pets allowed Outside of the Camping Area
  • No Underage Drinking
  • No Drunks or Drugs
  • No Refunds If You Are Asked To Leave
  • Children Must Be Supervised At All Times

North Branch Camping Policy

  1. Overnight camping is limited to adults 18 years old or older and children accompanied by their parents or grandparents who can legally sign our required festival liability waiver.  ALL campers must sign a liability waiver.
  2. Pack it in...Pack it out.  Please leave the field as beautiful as you found it.
  3. We wish to be respectful to EVERYONE's right to a good night's sleep.  Please, be respectful of your neighboring campers...most folks get "cranky" when they're tired.  We do allow 24 hour music playing at the festival, but request that you maintain a lower volume after 11pm.
  4. NO OPEN FIRES.  You must contain all fires in a firepit that will not damage the field.  No digging, rock fireplaces, or grass scorching containers.  FIREPITS ONLY.
  5. Generators absolutely MUST BE QUIET from 10 pm - 8 am.

Other Camping Information

A)  Dumping Stations:  We don't have one but there's a nearby State Park in every direction...

North Silver Lake S.P. Rte. 12 Barnard, VT
South Coolidge S.P. Rte. 100A Plymouth, VT
East Quechee Gorge S.P. Rte. 4e Quechee, VT
West Gifford Woods S.P. Rte. 4w to Rte 100n Killington, VT

B)  Water:  There is a limited supply of non-drinking water for refilling your camper.  We have a small pump (may not last if run alot) attached to a hose in the parking lot.  Half-Litre bottled spring water is also sold at the food concession.

C)  Saved Camping Spots:  Sorry, it's first-come, first-served here.  No Saved Spots.

D)  Camper Parking Shape:  Campers must park in rows at our festival.  We do not allow boxed-in courtyards.  We think they're unfriendly and unsafe in the event of a fire or medical emergency.  Campers are most welcome to face each other awning to awning.

North Branch Pet Policy

  1. No "Day Dogs".  You must be a weekend camper in order to bring your dog.
  2. Vaccination Certificated required.  No dogs will be allowed in without actual paperwork.
  3. Festival liability waiver must be signed.
  4. All Dogs must stay in camping area.  NO DOGS ALLOWED in concert area or parking area.
  5. You are required to clean up after your dog.
  6. All dogs must stay on leashes
  7. Our "No Nonsense or Rude Behavior" festival policy applies to your dog, too.  If your dog barks too much, or bothers folks (or other dogs), we'll ask you to leave without a refund.
  8. No other animals without Randy's & Heather's permission.